The Bills may not have won their way into the Super Bowl this year, but the Mafia has a much more important victory to celebrate.

Nashville man Victor Neilson just beat cancer. He was diagnosed with an aggressive form of non-hodgkin lymphoma last August, and after five months of intensive chemotherapy treatments, he recently got to ring the bell.

But even all the way from Tennessee, Neilson has been cheering on the Bills this season, so it was only fitting that he would celebrate his triumph the Mafia way.

During an outdoor ceremony with onlooking friends, family and nurses, Neilson brought out a folding table with the word 'cancer' spray-painted on it. Donning a Tremaine Edmunds jersey and a Bills helmet, Neilson climbed up a small step ladder and jumped onto the table, breaking it in half.

Neilson then immediately jumped up, holding each half of the table above his head while his crowd of supporters cheered.

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While Neilson has won his battle with non-hodgkin lymphoma, many others are still fighting. Neilson started a GoFundMe to pay it forward and raise funds for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, in hopes of finding a cure for these diseases and improving the lives of patients and their families.

So far, donors have raised more than $5,200 for the cause, and donations continue to pour in.

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