What would you do if you logged into your bank account and found an extra $31,000? Would you be tempted to spend it, or tell the truth? If you chose spend it, you could be facing some jail time like one teen is now. 

So how in the heck did some kid get a extra $31,000? A bank teller in Madison County, Georgia, accidentally deposited $31,000 into the wrong account. I'm sure this type of stuff happens all the time, except to us! 18-year-old Steven Fields was the lucky man behind receiving the cash. He did exactly what you would expect, went out and spent it!

He spent approximately $26,000 of the $31,000 over a 10-day period, the Washington Times reported. He said he thought the money was from an inheritance."

Buzzfeed reports he bought fast food, then tried to buy a BMW. The Madison County Sheriff said that Fields turned himself in a week later to face a felony charge of theft by taking. He should have taken the money and ran with it...