The only thing better than a cold drink on a hot day is when it comes from an unexpected place. A New York teen surprised a Monroe County Sheriff's deputy during the July 4th heat wave, biking nearly a mile to buy him something to stay cool.

Deputy Rob Day was in his patrol car at the Parma Town Park trying to beat the heat after a long day. "I was waiting for my next call and I was half way through my 16 hour shift on July 4th," says Deputy Day.

That's when Deputy Day noticed 15 year-old Troy Mazatti riding his bike down the road. "A short time later he returned and approached me. He said he knows we deal with 'a lot of crap' but wanted me to know he appreciates me and then handed me a cold ice tea."

After talking for a minute, Mazatti rode his bike back home. "His words 'I appreciate you' and his kind gesture really made my day," says Deputy Day. "The fact it was 90 degrees and he rode nearly a mile just to buy me a drink, what a great kid. The foundation for who he is started at home with his parents."

Troy is a 'Hometown Hero' and we salute you. If you know someone who should be recognized, for a random act of kindness email


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