This is a story of more than just a little neighborly love. A terrifying incident this weekend turned out alright thanks to a good Samaritan who was in the right place at the right time.

Michael Levesque of Rome told WKTV he was walking down Cortland Ave. Friday evening when he noticed smoke and flames coming from his neighbor Jerry. While his son called 911, Levesque ran to the locked door and starting trying to kick it in. Jerry came down and unlocked the door, but wouldn't leave without his cat.

"I was trying to get him out, but he just wanted his cat," Levesque told WKTV. "He was in the house for at least five minutes. I mean it felt like 5 minutes being in the house myself, but it was really only a minute, but it felt like a lifetime."

Not only did Jerry make it out of the home safe, so did his cat, who was found in a nearby alley. Jerry suffered some smoke inhalation and minor burns, but will be okay. Despite this, Levesque does not consider himself a hero.

"I was just glad he got out," Levesque told WKTV. "I don't consider myself a hero; I would just do anything for anybody. I help people mow their lawns and stuff. So I mean I've had a fire before so I know how it is."

Well, we certainly consider Levesque a hometown hero and a great example of being more than just a friendly neighbor.

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