The battle rounds have begun on 'The Voice.'  Blake Shelton's team kicked off the night that introduced the steal for the first time.  Coaches each have 2 steals this season, where they can steal anyone who loses a battle round for their own team.


Country boy Casey Muessigmann went up against British rocker Terry McDermott in the first battle. They took on Kansas' 'Carry On Wayward Son,' leaving coach Blake with a difficult decision on who to keep and who to cut.   'Casey won't back down from any challenge and you did a great job.  Terry, the challenge for you is I'm a country guy and I can totally relate to country artists more. You both have a great voice. Some day this will make sense. I think this battle comes down to Terry knows what his voice is a little bit more.  He's the winner of this battle.'

Unfortunately for Casey, none of the other coaches pushed their steal button, eliminating him from the competition.  Check out their battle.

Terry McDermott vs. Casey Muessigmann: 'Carry on Wayward Son'


Blake pitted country yodeler Gracia Harrison against mother/daughter duo 2 Steel Girls for his second team battle.  They rocked the stage with the Dixie Chicks' 'Sin Wagon,'  much to the enjoyment of their coach. 'I don't think we've ever seen anything like this on the show as far as just a throwdown country battle.  Gracia, it was amazing to me and you guys would be surprised to know, she can be bashful and shy but tonight you're that Gracia again we saw in the blind auditions. 2 Steel Girls, y'alls singin' is so unbelievable.  You two sound great together.  This is the toughest one for me in a long time. Because you both sang so great, it just comes down to what happened up there on stage.  I just have to say, Gracia brought way more confidence into this.  I pick Gracia.'

Adam Levine was hoping Blake would make 'a stupid mistake' and let Gracia go, so he could steal her for his team.  No one picked up the duo 2 Steel Girls, sending them packing.  Check out their country battle.

Gracia Harrison vs. 2 Steel Girls: 'Sin Wagon'

Blake was the first to take advantage of this season's steal when Adam Levine let Collin McLoughlin go after his battle with Bryan Keith. Right in the middle of Collin's thank you speech to Adam, Blake pushed his steal button while saying 'blah, blah, blah.' Cee Lo Green also pushed his steal button, but Collin decided to go with Team Blake.

Bryan Keith vs. Collin McLoughlin: 'Santeria'


The battle of the night came from team Cee Lo when he paired up Lady Gaga's backup singer Amanda Brown with teen sensation Trevin Hunte. The two took on Mariah Carey's 'Vision of Love' and had all four judges on their feet. Adam was not only on his feet, he was standing on his seat.  After the battle, Cee Lo realized his mistake of putting the two against each other, meaning he'd lose one.  'I'm at a loss for words.  You're ability is miraculous.  Tonight you were so evenly matched, it would be the most selfish thing that either one of you could ever do to not continue from this day forth.  I want to be a part of Trevin's journey, so I pick Trevin.'

Quickly, all three judges pushed their steal button to pick up Amanda leaving it up to her where she wanted to go.  In the end, Amanda went with her gut and decided on team Adam.

Trevin Hunte vs. Amanda Brown: 'Vision of Love'

The battle rounds continue tonight at 8 on NBC.