'The Voice' top 4 will soon become the final 3.  Blake Shelton's team of Cassadee Pope and Terry McDermott went up against Cee Lo Green's team of Nicholas David and Trevin Hunte.

Cassadee Pope

Blake Shelton choose Keith Urban's 'Stupid Boy,' which was written by Sarah Buxton, for Cassadee Pope.  Perfect song that she put her pop/rock spin on.  Keith Urban would be proud.

Cassadee Pope 'Stupid Boy'

Terry McDermott

Terry McDermott did what he does best, rock out.  He closed the show with The Beatles 'Let it Be.'  Coach Blake called it 'musical perfection.'

Terry McDermott 'Let it Be'

Trevin Hunte

Trevin Hunte opened the show by filling big shoes.  He took on Bette Midler's 'Wind Beneath My Wings' and even had diva Christina Aguilera saying he sang it better than she ever did.

Trevin Hunte 'Wind Beneath My Wings'

Nicholas David

Nicholas David provided the emotional moment of the night when he sung Joe Cocker's 'You Are So Beautiful' to his wife in the audience.  It was so overwhelming, Nicholas had to take a seat when it was over.

Nicholas David 'You Are So Beautiful'

Cassadee, who's had success on the iTunes chart since singing 'Over You,' was the highlight of the night for me.  Her ability to not only tell a story in song, but her voice is just incredible.

The whole night was incredible.  How America decides which three move on is beyond me.  I can't choose. They all are great and should have bright careers.

One more will be sent home tonight on NBC at 8. Who do you think it'll be?