It used to be that only men had tattoos and most of them seemed to have gotten them in the service. Now, more and more men--and women--are getting inked and, according to the New York Times, the majority of those getting inked are happy with their decision. There are a couple of downsides however.

The Times reported a Pew Research study that found that 23% of all Americans had tattoos. There were some other interesting findings.

18% of young adults have six or more tatts
61% of HR managers say a tattoo hurts a job applicant’s chances of landing a job
86% of the inked don't regret their tatt
27% of people with tattoos are seen as less intelligent
Among all adults, men and women are equally likely to have a tattoo.


Thus far I have avoided getting tattoo although several of my friends have succumbed to tattoo fever. A matter of personal choice, I suppose.



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