Chenango County Girls Helping Women Battling Breast Cancer
Brett and Alicia Lein have three daughters. Brett is a tattoo artist, and every October he does pink ribbon tattoos to raise money for a phenomenal cause that helps women fighting breast cancer. With the nice weather upon us, Brett and Alicia's girls decided they wanted to follow in Daddy'…
Local Tattoo Artist Calls For More Tattoo Regulations
Within the next few weeks a law will go into effect that will prevent tattoo parlors from reusing needles. It will also require 'single-use' pigment (ink) packs. Bethanne Callahan-Plato is the owner of Bodily Charm in Utica. She agrees that there needs to be stricter regulations when …
The U.S. Army Is Proposing A Ban On Tattoos
Despite the increasing popularity of tattoos, particularly among young adults, the United States Army is proposing new rules regulating the wearing of body ink. The proposed changes which have yet to be formalized are designed to discourage prospective recruits from getting tattoos on certain parts …
Tattoos Are Becoming More and More Popular
It used to be that only men had tattoos and most of them seemed to have gotten them in the service. Now, more and more men--and women--are getting inked and, according to the New York Times, the majority of those getting inked are happy with their decision. There are a couple of downsides however.
Keith Urban Explains Eagle Tattoo [AUDIO]
Keith Urban is no stranger to tattoos. He has two that were inspired by wife Nicole Kidman, one of a Phoenix which happens to be the name of his new men's fragrance and another of an eagle. Although Keith is an Australian he choose an American symbol for a very personal reason.