If you've ever eaten ice cream for breakfast, you know how satisfying it is, even if you feel a little guilty after. Well according to Remedy Daily, a Japanese website suggests we can ease our guilt a little bit because eating ice cream in the morning actually improves our alertness and mental performance.

Perfect for a Monday, right? Wrong. It may just be the sugar talking.

The website cites a Japanese study from Professor Yoshihiko Koga at Kyorin University, but it's confusing because there's no direct link to the actual study, which makes it impossible to fact check, according to Remedy Daily. The website also says it has ties to a sweets company. See where this is going?

While I LOVE a pint of Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia ice cream, one serving (one-third of the pint) has whopping 31 grams of sugar. The American Heart Association suggests men have a max of 36 grams of sugar each day and women only have 25 grams each day.

So bad news, ladies. If we only have one, single serving of that delicious ice cream, we're already over our daily dose of sugar. It may not be the best idea to start the day off like that, even if some random Japanese website tells us it's okay.

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