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Super Cop Tackles Chase Suspect
One of the craziest things one will ever see is a high speed police chase. These chases usually end in one of two ways, the suspect gets caught, and the suspect gets caught. Many good police chases are caught on tape via a news helicopter. What was caught on this chase video will have you laughing!
Texas Police Chase Down Pet kangaroo
It's a police chase you don't see everyday, at least not in the United States, and probably one you won't see on "Cops". Police in Midland,Texas were called last Tuesday by a resident who said his pet kangaroo had gotten away. Shortly thereafter the runaway 'roo…
Shoplifter Gets A Surprise Gift From Arresting Officer
A South Florida women, Jessica Robles, was arrested for shoplifting food from a local supermarket. She told the arresting officer, Vikki Thomas, her children were hungry and, according to WSVN-TV, she had no money having had a mix-up with a government assistance program. Whatever you may think of he…

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