There's no way around it--The world is a little weird and scary right now. From the death of George Floyd after he was pinned to the ground by police officers in Minnesota to the protests and riots across the world in response to police brutality, it's a lot for anybody to deal with. It's hard to imagine what it's like from the mind of a child. One Central New York mom is sharing her daughter's story of realizing what it means to be black in America and, in turn, receiving the support of local law enforcement.

Whitney Hawley said her 8-year-old daughter Naya loves to dance and sing, and is a talented competitive swimmer with hopes of going to the Olympics one day.

"Since the day she could walk and barely talk she commands attention most places she goes," Hawley posted. "She makes friends with young and old, and will always strike up a conversation with anyone and I mean ANYONE (not always a good thing lol)."

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Hawley shared her daughter's story on Facebook, writing that every kid has a moment in their life when they see the realities of the world and "the light in their eyes dims just a little."

"Maybe they realized they weren’t as good at school as someone else, or maybe someone played a sport better, or maybe they wish their hair was straight, because everyone else’s was..." Hawley posted. "Or maybe on that particular day, they just so happened to realize, what it meant...To be black."

For Naya, that day was Saturday.

"She looked at me with real fear in her eyes and asked 'Mama will a cop come to my house and hurt me?!??'"

That day, Sherrif Catalfano, Sheriff Loveless, Trooper White and Trooper Tubbins came to visit Naya. Hawley said they showed her daughter that most law enforcement does not want to hurt her because of the color of her skin, inspired her with some girl power, and showed her she matters.

"Thank you for HEARING a 8 year olds cry FOR CHANGE...and making her feel safe. I know that’s what most of you signed up for," Hawley posted. "Today we won a little battle on the war on racism, today kindness and LOVE for humanity prevailed... and once again, I am so proud to call this community our home."

Courtesy of Whitney Hawley
Courtesy of Whitney Hawley
Courtesy of Whitney Hawley

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