10 Central & Upstate New York Staples Everyone Loves, I Don't Get
Before you throw up your arms in disgust, hear me out.

There are several things that are staples in Central and Upstate New York - halfmoons, greens and tomato pie, hiking and camping the Adirondacks, cheering on the Orangemen, running the Boilermaker. Everyone rants and raves about it all; how gr…
NEVER Say to a Central New Yorker
We hear it all the time. Stupid questions or phrases people say that really get on our nerve. Here's 15 things you should NEVER say to a Central New Yorker.
Peanut Butter Half Moons
If you love halfmoons and peanut butter then you'll love the brand new creation being offered at Holland Farms in Yorkville. The halfmoon is one of many items the legendary bakery is known for and now they've put a new twist on a Utica classic.
Bloggers Tour Utica
Chris Clemens is the guy behind the popular blog "Exploring Upstate." Recently he and his friend, Chris Lindstrom, took a trip to Utica. It has been their desire for a long time to drive in to town and sample some of the most iconic dishes created and only served in our fair city. …
Hoemtown Foods
Every city or town has food their area is known for.  In Buffalo, New York it's the wings.  If you head north of the border, it's poutine. In Utica, there are several dishes that you won't find most places. Here's the top foods people miss when they leave Utica...
Top Places to Get Halfmoons
One of the biggest debates in Central New York is who has the best halfmoons? Well, I have my own opinion, but I have to be impartial. So I took to Facebook seeking the most popular halfmoons around town and here is what the people said! After all with families coming together this holiday season, y…
Hemstroghts Halfmoon Online
Halfmoon loves rejoice! You can now order Hemstrought's Bakeries infamous black and white cookies right to your door, right from their website.