Halfmoon loves rejoice! You can now order Hemstrought's Bakeries infamous black and white cookies right to your door, right from their website.

You can order the cookies in sizes from 12 to 72 with shipping costs included at Hemstroughts.com. 12 halfmoons will cost $29, including shipping. 72 cookies will run you $89.

Hemstrought’s Bakery was started by Harry B. Hemstrought in 1920. It was located at the site of the former Marine Midland Bank on Genesee Street in Utica. In 1927, the bakery moved to Columbia Street.

A new plant on Oriskany Street West opened inn 1967. Today, the bakery plant is currently on Oswego Street in Utica.

Despite all the changes to the bakery location, Hemstrought’s has not changed the recipe for their original Half-Moon Cookie since 1920.

The Utica Bakery is believed to be the first in New York state to serve the black and white cookies despite their association with New York City.

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