One common thing you hear from people who move away from Central New York is how they miss the food. One bakery is hoping to bring the taste of Upstate New York to North Carolina. The best part, people of North Carolina are loving it too.

11 hours south of Utica, New York you will find Apex, North Carolina. In this beautiful city you will find the Utica Bakery. The bakeries roots start right here in Central New York:

Vincent DeSimone, who adopted the love for Italian cuisine from his parents, both Utica natives themselves. With overwhelming support, they sent their son to culinary school to better hone his talents. There he earned his degree in culinary arts, along with several other certificates, and placed gold in the ACF sanctioned culinary arts competition. Today he strides to use what hes learned to provide his customers with an unforgettable product."

Each product is baked with traditional Italian methods. The best part, they serve everything that makes Utica and Rome so amazing. You will find Halfmoons, and not the black and white cookies from New York City. You'll also find all sorts of pusties and other Utica favorites.

They are currently thriving in North Carolina, and we wish them the best of luck.


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