A family forced to evacuate North Carolina during Hurricane Florence is looking for their rabbit lost somewhere along Interstate 81 in New York. Can you help find him?

Maryia Logan Stiles and her family got onto 81 south by Longways Diner, north of Watertown. When they reached a rest area outside of Binghamton they noticed the rabbit wasn't in the trailer. "We were traveling from 5am to 8am when I noticed he was gone," says Maryia.

Google Maps/Maryia Logan Stiles

The 7 year old mini-lop was in an extra large hard plastic dog kennel and Maryia says it was so windy and rainy, she thinks his kennel blew out between Watertown and Binghamton. "I'm not sure if when he fell out it may have broke or not. He may be out wandering or I'm hoping somebody seen him and picked him up."

Photo Credit: Maryia Logan Stiles

Calls have been made to the State Troopers, DOT and every shelter Maryia says she could think of. "I've been up for 2 days with worry."

In addition to dealing with the aftermath of hurricane Florence and agonizing over a lost pet, Maryia says they are now being shamed on Facebook. "I've have been called names and told I was cruel to have traveled with him in a trailer. But we had 3 trucks full of household items, along with 5 animals, including my rabbit. We did not know this would happen. I just want to find him and know the conditions and whereabouts of him."

If you've seen the missing rabbit, contact Maryia on Facebook or call 910-650-4287.