It may be cold, with wind chills well below zero, but at least we're not digging out from snowmagedoon. Four years ago today, we took one eerie drive after winter storm Stella in Utica/Rome.

Roads were snow covered and other than the snow plows, we were the only other vehicle on the road at 3:30 in the morning.

The arterial looked more like a bob sled track than a highway. We actually lost count of the number of cars abandoned on the side of the road, buried in snow.


The radio station parking lot was plowed but some cars were covered, stranding staff members at work. At least we think there were cars under all that snow.


Travel bans were in effect in Oneida and Madison counties. The Thruway banned travel for tractor trailers. Schools cancelled classes.

There was so much snow, the weight caused the Sports Dome to collapse at Utica College. Luckily, it was spring break on campus, so no one was around at the time.

The dome at Turning Stone's Sportsplex also suffered damage.

Cary Carpenter
Cary Carpenter

How much snow did Stella dump on New York state on March 14, 2017? Anywhere from several inches in the city to several feet.

1) West Winfield reported 42 inches.
2) Utica, and the Utica area, reported 36 inches.
3) Binghamton reported 31.9 inches
4) Rochester reported 26.3 inches.
5) Syracuse reported 22.1 inches.
6) Buffalo reported 19.6 inches.
7) Albany reported 17.8 inches.
8) Central Park in New York City reported 7.6 inches.

Remembering Winter Storm Stella

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