On March 14, 2017 Winter Storm Stella graced Central New York with her presence, and several feet of snow. On the one year anniversary, we take a look back.

One year later and we're under another Winter Storm Warning here in CNY, but after dealing with Stella last year the little bit of accumulation we're seeing this March 14 is laughable by comparison.

If the snow in 2018 is getting you down, we wanted to offer up a little reminder of how bad it can actually be.

Her are some of our favorite videos created by the Big Frog 104 staff during the storm and the aftermath of Winter Storm Stella.

I went out and played in the snow by measuring how fast the snow fell after our plow guy plowed the lot at around 11 a.m. Then I headed down the street to grab a slice of pizza for lunch just to see how bad driving conditions were. Take a look.

Meanwhile Tad & Polly documented a redneck plow setup, what it was like digging out vehicles at work, and the eerie drive into work the morning after Stella.

Dave Wheeler got in on the action with his video of his morning drive in to the Big Frog 104 studio, and an epic rant about Utica residents not moving their vehicles off City streets during a snow emergency.

So while we are getting some heavy snowfall this March 14, thankfully we aren't dealing with another storm like Winter Storm Stella.


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