Have you ever been to Sylvan Beach amusement park? I remember as a kid the haunted house had to be the scariest thing I've ever seen. However, as an adult the park is filled with a lot of frights as well. Reports are that the park is haunted with 3 different ghosts. 

1) Jack- Jack is described as an old repeat customer at Yesterday’s Royal when it was a bar and hotel. He's been seen multiple times roaming the halls.

2) Abby- A ghostly figure has been seen in the dinning room of the Yesterday's Royal that has been coined the name Abby. Abby has been seen peeking out of the upper floors of the building, along with making quick appearances in the dinning room.

3) Ghost Kids- The Utica OD reports that several ride operators at the park have claimed to strap a young girl into a car on a ride, only to turn their backs and find she disappeared. Can you imagine finding ghost children at a amusement park? Seems like Heaven to some.