The Haunted Rails Ghost Train is coming up on October 25th and will depart from Union Station in Utica and take our guests on the tracks up to the Remsen Depot in Remsen. However, before we even go ghost hunting up North will you experience any paranormal beings in Utica? You may.

Union Station has been in our city since 1914, and the history of trains on the grounds around Union Station since 1836. This area has a long history of reported spirits on the grounds. Many credit these ghosts due to accidental deaths that occured around the railroad. Here's a few different reports of accidents and deaths:

The first major incident occurred in 1844 when a passenger train stopped for repairs and was struck by a freight train that failed to see stopped train in a dense fog resulting in two deaths and countless injuries. A few years later in 1851, a train derailed just north of the station resulting in more injuries. Another train was derailed in 1858 when a bridge collapsed in Whitesboro resulting a dozen deaths and more than forty injured."

So if you're taking a ride with us on October 25th, start looking for spirits right in Utica. You may find an old conductor, or maybe an old passenger on his way home. Learn more of the paranormal history of Union Station here.



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