I know this has happened to me, and I'm sure there are guys out there who know what I'm talking about...You are going on a short trip with your girlfriend or wife, let's say for the weekend--two days. You pack a small bag with only the essentials. Then, you turn around to put your girlfriend's bag in the car and it weighs 100 pounds. Yeah, well a new survey shows that the average woman "over-packs her suitcase with 26 items" that will never get used.

The research was conducted by Gocompare.com that found the average woman only really needs to pack 34 items when traveling on a week-long trip. But, from personal experience and according to the travel website's research, that's not how much is actually packed into a suitcase. So, only 34 items are needed, but the average woman packs 60 items "just in case."

Why so much? Well, 58 percent of the woman, according to the website, pack "extras of everything in case they can't decide what to wear when abroad." I guess this next piece of information won't be too much of a surprise then--58 percent of the women polled said they can't stay within airline weight limits for luggage when they travel.

Gocompare.com broke down what items go into a suitcase and how many of those items are actually worn. So, for example: the average woman packs four pairs of shoes and one pair comes home unworn. Want more? If three skirts are packed, two will come back unworn; if three pairs of sunglasses are packed, one pair will come back unworn; and if four t-shits are packed, two will come back unworn.

"Packing for a holiday requires a certain amount of organization, and it certainly pays to work out what you need in advance. The danger of over-packing is that you risk losing even more should you lose your luggage or get it stolen," said Head of Travel at Gocompare.com Jeremy Cryer.

Ladies, how about you? How are you when it comes to packing? Are there things you bring with you and never end up using or wearing?