A group of strangers came together to help a Rome waitress who has been struggling during the coronavirus pandemic.

Meet Liz. She works at Vigneto's Restaurant in Rome. But she's been off for the past two weeks. "I got sick. My mom is sick and I haven't really worked much in the past few weeks because the restaurant was closed down."

Strangers from Canada and the U.S. have been donating to Kitchen Chaos Pay Off. Every Friday we pass those donations on to people who have been working hard during COVID and could use a little help. Liz was the first to receive a early Christmas gift. In addition to the our regular tip we added another $200. "I can not believe it and it happened at just the right time," said Liz. "It helps me so much I’m crying."

COVID has been detrimental to the restaurant business and all its employees. "You have no idea what you did for me tonight," said Liz who promised to pay it forward. "You and your Kitchen Chaos followers are angels."

Every Friday in the month of December, we'll surprise someone who could use a little help, especially during a COVID Christmas. If you want to help too, you can donate on Venmo @Polly-McAdams or Paypal at https://paypal.me/PollyMcAdams. If you want to mail a check, email Polly@bigfrog104.com for an address.

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