God knows there is way too much bad news in the world. From politics to the Rona, it's a constant barrage of crap piled on top of more crap, and I for one am sick of hearing it all.

The coronavirus pandemic is a nightmare that never seems to end. Will we ever wake up? And don't even get me started on politics. Mix the two and you get mask mandates, vaccine disagreements, and business restrictions.

Then there's war. On the ground and now online with the number of cyberattacks growing around the country. Sprinkle in higher taxes, unemployment, inflation, and global warming and you've got a melting pot of devastation.

Wouldn't it be nice to finally hear or read something good? Like an end to taxes and childhood cancer, free healthcare, and no more war.

Here are 11 headlines that may never happen but we'd sure like to read this year instead of all the bad ones circulating constantly.

11 Headlines We'd Like to Read in 2022

God knows there is enough bad news in the world, we really need to hear something good. Here are 11 headlines we'd like to read in 2022.

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