Although the recession, sometimes dubbed the "great recession," has been over for awhile now, people are still feeling financial strain from it. Whether it's late payments or maxed-out credit cards, the recession's aftermath is still prevalent in day-to-day life.

According to a survey, people are "still feeling lingering effects of [the] recession." The survey found that when it came to bills, 25 percent of people have had at least one late payment of monthly bills in the last year. What's more, is that of the people who fell behind on payments, "28 percent are concerned they will never catch up."

How 'bout those credit cards, huh? Those little pieces of plastic can really put you in debt. And, the survey found that 18 percent of those polled have "maxed-out at least one of their credit cards" this year. But there is a little light at the end of that tunnel, as those who maxed-out credit cards has dropped to 18 percent from 2010's figure of 22 percent.

Also, 31 percent of people pay-off their credit card balances monthly, in full. But, this number has fallen. Last year, according to the survey, 36 percent of people were able to pay-off their monthly balances in full.

To read the whole survey from, click here to check out the website's press release.

Are you still feeling the affects from the recession?



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