Does your bill already seem a bit too high? It could only end up getting more expensive with what National Grid is planning.

A high percentage of people in Upstate New York rely on National Grid for their electricity and or their gas too. Those same people could potentially see a price increase for that very necessary thing. Currently, many people are behind on their bills but are protected by programs New York has put in place during the pandemic, but those programs are set to end.

National Grid is working with New York State on a deal that would raise their prices roughly $2 a year for the next 3 years. That may not seem like a whole lot, but with funds already tight for millions of New Yorkers, it can be a punch in the gut. As of this exact moment, nothing at all has been approved. According to, people who work within the commission that National Grid deals with are thinking it will end up getting the go-ahead.

While reading that paragraph could be a little bit angering, National Grid does have some things in this deal that actually would help people who are struggling. Inside the deal are many programs that would give assistance to those who have low income.

If the deal does indeed get approved, January 1st would be the date the price increase would go into effect. It is worth noting, National Grid has been working with New York for the last year or so to increase pricing for a variety of reasons. Could this be the deal that New York finally gives the green light?

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