When I walked into the Big Frog studio this afternoon I found this gem from Steven Tyler called "Love Is Your Name". However, I'm really confused. Are you too?

Granted, I absolutely love Steven Tyler and what he does. I can't count the amount of times I've rocked out to Aerosmith. I also can't count the amount of times I've blasted Aerosmith on the boat with a few drinks. However, would you consider him country?

Take a listen to "Love Is Your Name":

Let's discuss....first off, Tyler didn;t write this song. The song was written by Lindsey Lee and Eric Paslay. Why didn't Paslay just release this as his own? No idea...

While fiddle, lap steel, acoustic guitar and a drum loop kick up some quiet dust in the background, the singer dives into the song's first verse sounding like. . . well, like Steven Tyler, his voice powerful, raw and blissfully free of the Auto-Tune that's become so prevalent in Nashville."

I have to agree with Rolling Stone on that one, there is no doubt that this song is from Steven Tyler. And honestly, like Ultimate Classic Rock points out, Tyler didn't rely on a Aerosmith type sound for this song:

Too often when rockers give country a try, they’re relying on their existing sound to work on country radio. “Love Is Your Name” leaves one with hope that other songs on his upcoming full-length can do just that, but with better songs and with a little more air around him."

In this authors opinion, the song isn't as bad as I expected....It's fairly decent. It's not total garbage. I can hear us playing this, however, I don't know if the song has what it takes to be number one. Prove me wrong though...

What do you think of this song? Should we consider playing it?


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