Winter Storm Stella came in hard, and took her time at the party here in Central New York. All the totals are in. Did we beat the 1993 Storm Of The Century totals here in New York?

We already know West Winfield had the most snow fall in the state, how much did it have though?

According to the Weather Channel, here's Stella snow totals for New York:

1) West Winfield reported 42 inches.

2) Utica, and the Utica area, reported 36 inches.

3) Binghamton reported 31.9 inches, and the State Of New York has declared this region the worst.

4) Rochester reported 26.3 inches.

5) Syracuse reported 22.1 inches. In 1993, Syracuse reported 43 inches.

6) Buffalo reported 19.6 inches.

7) Albany reported 17.8 inches.

8) Central Park in New York City reported 7.6 inches.


Maybe we didn't completely break the 1993 records in EVERY location, but we sure got very close in most.




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