Located in the small town of Middlesex, there is one mysterious hill that is defying all laws of gravity. Have you ever heard about Spook Hill? 

According to Only In Your State, the hill is located in Middlesex. This place is a small town with a population of less than 2,000 residents right inside Yates County. Right on the ridge of Newell Road, you can find the area known as "Spook Hill."

If you venture out to Newell Road, you'll want to stop your car just before you reach a driveway and Spike Road on your left, then place your car in neutral. Once you place your car in neutral, it is then you will find that your car is moving backwards...uphill! While this strange phenomenon is most popularly demonstrated with a car, it is also said to have worked with people on bikes, general round objects and even water."

How in the world is this happening? According to some, people are blaming ghosts. Many have speculated that near Canandaigua Lake lies a Native American burial ground, causing the area to have a very creepy vibe. If you don't think ghosts are the answer, some believe that what's actually happening at Spook Hill is an optical illusion or even something along the lines of magnetism. Check it out for yourself:


This isn't the only place in New York that this happens at. you can also find very similar gravity hills in Portville and Suffern, New York. Take a trip and let us know what happens.