Do You Ever Wonder What Makes The Leaves Change In CNY?
There is so much beauty in Upstate New York, but one thing that sets us apart from other regions is the amazing fall foliage. Each year the trees go from green to shades of orange, yellow, and red. It's a sign that summer has officially ended, and colder weather is on the way. It's the &am…
Test How Smart Your Dog Really Is
Everyone knows that dogs are very intelligent animals, but does anyone really know how smart they are? Researcher's at Duke University have been doing studies developing a series of games and activities you can do with your pup to test their sharpness!
Photos From The 2015 Total Solar Eclipse
In case you missed it, if you weren't in the UK or Europe, we have all the photos you might need of the 2015 Total Solar Eclipse. One thing is fro certain, it happened! People took to Twitter to post what they saw in the night sky yesterday.

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