Something is missing in Rome. Stop signs. Someone is stealing them and residents aren't happy.

Michelle M. Danti is warning people of the theft and danger to drivers. "The illegal act of removing stop signs, putting others in danger and possibly death, has gone too far."

Multiple stop signs have been replaced in the Canterbury Hill and Gulf Road area, on several occasions. "These criminals felt the need to remove the latest four way stop signs just installed two days ago," says Danti. "Just a few months ago a stop sign was removed and replaced with a slow moving yield sign by these criminals. Who does this?"

If you travel in the Canterbury Hill Gulf Road area, stop both directions and watch for others whether you see a stop sign or not. "We have joggers, walkers, runners, bikers and children using these roads," says Danti.

If you know anything about the stolen stop signs contact the New York State Police who Danti says has been in the area investigating and talking to neighbors.

Michele Danti
Michele Danti


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