Looking to escape the cold and fly to Florida? You had better get travel insurance. According to Fox News President Biden is considering travel restrictions to the Sunshine State and other popular locations, amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Boston 25 News reports, Americans may need to test negative before boarding a domestic flight. Mandatory testing may make some people feel safer, but airlines are calling it a “logistical nightmare.” Impractical logistics, scarce testing resources, questions on who will fund it, how to make sure it doesn’t disproportionately stop low-income travelers.

Currently the CDC only mandates negative tests for international flights; that went into effect two weeks ago. The CDC said traveling is antithetical to slowing the spread of COVID-19. Secretary Buttigieg said. “I’d say the domestic picture is very different, but the CDC is always evaluating what can best be done to keep Americans safe.”

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The hard decision will be made by the CDC. Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky has not said whether there are plans to test domestic travelers, only saying, to the extent that we have available tests, it could be helpful.

The Tribune News Service is reporting that two un-named federal authorities say the new Biden Administration is considering a domestic travel ban as a strategy against new strains of COVID-19.

According to reports plans for a domestic travel ban are not imminent. Airlines reacted with alarm, however, when CDC officials raised the possibility of testing the much larger number of passengers on domestic flights. Airlines officials say that would further devastate air travel.

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