Things in the state of New York are finally starting to ease up in terms of guidelines put in place surrounding the coronavirus pandemic.

On Wednesday March 3rd, Governor Cuomo and his administration announced new rules for travelers. If you've received the vaccine, you're in the clear. This means you'll be able to travel again without spending the extra time at home in quarantine before returning to the every day tasks of your life.

Last summer, rules for quarantine were put into place for travelers from certain states, but eventually those rules were dropped in favor of mandating quarantines for nearly all travelers. Individuals have the option to end the quarantine early by getting tested.

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What are the new travel guidelines in New York State?

Domestic travelers who have been fully vaccinated within 90 days of their trip will no longer have to quarantine or test out of quarantine when they arrive in New York. The rule applies to visitors from other states and New Yorkers returning home from elsewhere.

New York’s travel rules for those who haven’t been fully vaccinated within 90 days of a trip are below:

  • Travelers out of state over 24 hours must get tested within three days of departure, prior to arriving in New York. They must then quarantine for three days after arriving. On day four, travelers must get tested again.
  • If both tests are negative, travelers can exit quarantine after receiving results from the second test.
  • If travelers don’t get tested, they’re required to quarantine for 10 days after arriving in New York.
  • Travelers out of state less than 24 hours aren’t required to get tested before departure and they don’t need to quarantine when they arrive in New York. They must still get a COVID test four days after arrival.
  • The rules apply to travelers from any U.S. state or territory and countries with a CDC COVID risk level of two or higher. They apply to New Yorkers returning home, in addition to travelers who live elsewhere. The rules don’t apply to travelers coming from border states.

All guidance surrounding the New York travel advisory can be found on the state Health Department website. Travelling internationally? The rules can also be found online.

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