Soar over the Adirondack mountains on one the longest zip lines in the country. The Eagle Flyer takes flight from the summit of French Mountain in Lake George this summer.

You can enjoy the three-quarters-of–a-mile journey seated — or if you dare, fly head-first like an eagle for the most incredible view of the Adirondack Mountains and Lake George.

Speed down a nearly 1000-foot vertical drop at 50 miles an hour beside three of your friends on 4 side by side zip lines.

Construction delays have pushed back the opening of the Eagle Flyer to sometime this summer. Chief Executive Eagle Ralph Macchio Sr. says "I'm not the kind of guy who's content with simply putting up the line and watching people fly down. I want our guests to have a first-class experience in every way possible."

Contact Eagle Flyer

5 Mill Road, Lake George NY
(518) 880-2FLY

When the soaring begins, Macchio plans to be among the first to fly. "I'm 77 going on 78 and you bet I'm going to go down like an eagle in a horizontal position with my superman outfit."

Are you ready to fly like an eagle? I'm in! How bout you?

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