Skylar Laine got the boot from ‘American Idol’ last week, but she’s not letting anything get in the way of her country music dreams. Rumor has it that country music’s newest talent has signed a record deal and that she’s moving to Music City to launch her career.

It goes without saying that Nashville is the perfect place for a rising country star to settle. The entire city is jam-packed with recording studios and record companies — not to mention fellow country females who found reality show fame, like Kellie Pickler and Miss Carrie Underwood.

“I want to make real country music, you know, like honky-tonk songs — the good country stuff,” the 18-year-old Mississippi native told reporters on Friday (May 4), Country Weekly reports. “That’s what’s gonna make me happy, and that’s what comes out when I write.”

Laine spilled to MTV that she is looking to firecracker songstress Miranda Lambert for inspiration as she recovers from her ‘Idol’ loss and looks ahead. Her send-off performance on ‘Idol’ was Miranda Lambert’s ‘Gunpowder & Lead.’

And like the sparkplug she is, Laine isn’t wasting any time getting started. Not only has she potentially signed with a label, but just this morning she appeared on ‘Live! With Kelly.’ Since she made it so far on ‘Idol,’ she will also perform with the American Idols Live Tour when it begins shortly after the 11th season of the shows draws to a close.

It sounds like the country music hopeful is taking her ‘Idol’ defeat in stride, as she should. Laine told reporters that her goal is to make it on country music radio — and we have sneaking suspicion that she’ll succeed.

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