It came down to Skylar Laine and Hollie Cavanagh in the bottom two on American Idol.  After 60 million votes, who was the one sent home?

Unfortunately for country fans, Skylar was the one with the least amount of votes and her Idol journey came to an end.  But she won't be gone for long.  Skylar is on the American Idol Live tour which begins shortly after Idol crowns the season 11 winner.

Watch Skylar Laine Get Eliminated on ‘American Idol’

After the show, camera's kept rolling as the judges gave Skylar words of encouragement. Watch as she takes her elimination in stride.

Skylar Laine: After the Elimination

Skylar shared her final thoughts on her Idol journey and the first thing she's going to do now that she has some free time on her hands. She's looking forward to spending time with her family and taking her 4 wheeler out mudding. Skylar also hopes this is the beginning of her country career and not the end. We hope so too.

Skylar Laine Final Words

The Top 4 will return next Wednesday on Fox at 8 to perform for America's vote.  Did America get it right this week? I was sure it would be Phillip Phillips going home.  He gave not one, but two lackluster performances Wednesday night.  Although he's unique, he's become repetitive.  It's the same thing week after week.  I guess his fan base voted in droves but if he wants to win, he'll need to step it up.

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