The Top 5 on American Idol proved they can sing songs from another time and another place.  Each sang 2 songs, one from the 60's and a British pop tune.  Skylar Laine had no problem putting her country flair on CCR and Dusty Springfield.

Skylar Laine
Skylar took on Creedence Clearwater Revival's 'Fortunate Son' and tore up the stage.  Where she gets that much energy is anyone's guess.

Skylar Laine 'Fortunate Son'

For her second song, Skylar slowed things down with Dusty Springfield's 'You Don't Have to Say You Love Me.'  Win or lose, Skylar has a bright future in country music.

Skylar Laine 'You Don't Have to Say You Love Me'

Skylar teamed up with Hollie Cavanagh and Jessica Sanchez for Jackie Wilson's 'Higher & Higher.'  Talk about 3 different voices and personalities singing together.  Oddly enough it worked.  They blended beautifully.

Skylar, Hollie & Jessica 'Higher & Higher'

Joshua Ledet

The moment of the night, or any night on American Idol for that matter, came from Joshua Ledet.  He sang The Bee Gee's hit 'To Love Somebody,' a song he hadn't heard before.  You wouldn't know he was unfamiliar with it by the way he performed.  Best performance of the night, hands down.  So good, Randy Jackson called Joshua the best American Idol has seen, EVER!  His first song, 'Ain't To Proud to Beg' was good but paled in comparison.

Joshua Ledet 'To Love Somebody'

Jessica Sanchez

Jessica had her own moment with Joe Cocker's 'You Are So Beautiful.'  While sitting on the floor, among several candles, she delivered a powerful and soulful version of the song.  The performance may have saved her after her lackluster version of Tina Turner's 'Proud Mary'.

Jessica Sanchez 'You Are So Beautiful'

Hollie Cavanagh

Hollie has finally come out of her shell.  She also went with Tina Turner for her 60's song and nailed 'River Deep Mountain High.'  Hollie has not only found her big voice but she's found her confidence too and it shows on stage.  For her British tune, she went with Leona Lewis' 'Bleeding Love.'  She sang beautifully while sitting atop a piano and just may have saved herself this week from going home.

Hollie Cavanagh 'Bleeding Love'

Phillip Phillips
For his first song, Phillip Phillips did what Phillip does and put his own spin on The Box Tops' 'The Letter.'  It was good, but it wasn't great.  And with the talent left in the competition, every song needs to be great.  For his second song, Phillip did something Phillip doesn't usually do; he stuck to the melody of the song on 'Time of the Season.'  Again, it was good, but it wasn't great. Phillip & Joshua teamed up for The Righteous Brothers' 'You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling.'  It was cute to see the 2 interact but it was a little lackluster too.

Phillip could be in trouble this week.  He has a big fan base, but if they didn't vote, vote, vote for him, he may be the one sent home, despite predictions of him winning this year.  Hollie & Skylar were in the bottom 3 last week.  Both could also be in trouble this week.  Who do you think will go home?

Carrie Underwood returns to the stage tonight to sing her new song 'Good Girl' before one of the Top 5 leaves the competition.  Tune in at 8 tonight on Fox to see who makes it to the Top 4.

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