It's no secret our FrogFest headliner Chris Janson loves to skateboard. If he ends up with some free time in between performing in our area, maybe he'd check out some of these fine skateboard parks in our area.

While on tour with Sam Hunt, Maren Morris, and Ryan Follese, Janson came out skateboarding to a cover of Outkast’s 2003 hit “Hey Ya!” during the opening show in Cleveland, Ohio. According to Taste Of Country, Janson rolled in with a harmonica solo.

Here's a few skateparks locally that Janson might enjoy:

1) Lenox Skate Park located in Canastota

This skatepark is located inside the town of Lenox. It's located at 230 South Peterboro Street, just southeast of the railroad tracks. They are open for the season through October 25th, weather permitting of course.


2) Rome Skatepark located at Pinti Field

This skatepark is located at Piniti Field at 200 6th Street. There are plenty of ramps and obstacles for skateboards and other types of skating.


3) Black Mamba Skate Park at ShoppingTown Mall Syracuse

This skatepark is located indoors in Syracuse. They offer skating/skateboarding park with ramps, rails and pipes. They also have an equipment shop on site.





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