No artificial bubbles for Utica Club!

Remember when candidates talked about their great qualities and didn’t run a smear campaign? Schultz and Dooley remembers. Let's look back to 1960, the year Richard Nixon would lose to John F. Kennedy in one of the closest elections in American history.

In the presidential debates from 1960, Kennedy arrived well trained and well rested from Florida. While Nixon, on the other hand, was recovering from a knee injury he suffered in a tiresome whistle - stop tour. This is the first election where television would play a significant role in debates as viewers at home could now watch their favorite candidate under pressure. Nixon looked very run down and fragile, while Kennedy seemed like a stronger candidate.

In the end, the Electoral College awarded the election to Kennedy by a 303 - 219 margin, despite Nixon winning more states than Kennedy. That was the inspiration for this TV commercial for Utica Club.  We see the Electoral College voting on the world’s best beer, Utica Club.

Bonus Video:

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