Here in Utica, we are serious about our beer. The Saranac Brewery is proud to release their 2020 Ghost Stein.

Please welcome the newest member of the Saranac Brewery Stein Collection: The Brewery Ghost.

There have been sporadic sightings of these sneaky characters throughout the brewery for years, and we’ve finally caught them all for a one time stein drop! All first edition."

Coming up on Saturday September 12th from 12-5pm, you can buy yours at the brewery gift shop in Utica. You can pre-order online now for $59.95. Currently, at the time of this story, there is 166 in stock.

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History Of Saranac And Utica Club Beer Steins

In 1959, Utica Club launched several television commercials for Utica Club beer starring two talking beer steins named Schutz and Dooley. From those famous ads, the Utica Beer Stein collection as born. Today the series includes more that sixty different designs.

DDB (Doyle Dane Bernbach) copywriter David Reider created the characters and comedian Jonathan Winters supplied the voices of Schultz, Dooley, and the other beer steins that appeared in the commercials. The original Schultz and Dooley steins in the commercials were actually made of wood by famous puppeteer Bil Baird. Many Utica Club commercials depicted two characters ending an argument abruptly on ordering a Utica Club beer, leading to the jingle "It's tough to argue over an Utica Club, 'cause they put too much love into it!""

The F.X. Matt Brewery released over fifty different characters since the 1990s to 2012. Now they make different characters for a different range of people to enjoy.

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