If you watched the NFL Post Game Show last night on CBS, as the show was coming to a close, and the panel was talking up the Super Bowl,  commentator Shannon Sharpe let New England Patriots losing coach, Bill Belichick have it. After losing to the Baltimore Ravens, Belichick declined a post-game interview, as is customary by a losing coach with CBS comentator (and formerly of the Buffalo Bills) Steve Tasker.

According to the "L.A.Times":

"The Patriots lost to the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC championship game. The losing coach is supposed to conduct a postgame interview with CBS. Belichick decided not to take part. CBS analyst Shannon Sharpe, a former tight end and member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, didn't like that."

I give credit to Shannon Sharpe for calling Belichick out for the snub, and what has the appearance of being a poor sport. In case you missed it, here's Sharpe's comments:


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