Bring on the Pinto Ron treatment!

A national news reporter who has doubted the Buffalo Bills all season long is about to make true on a bet initiated by the Bills' second playoff win on Saturday.

Nick Wright, a Syracuse grad and reporter on Fox Sports' First Things First, made a bet with Colin Cowherd last month, stating that he would take on the ketchup and mustard shower infamous to Bills Mafia if the team made it to the AFC Championship game or further. Cowherd accepted the bet and, as per Wright's terms, would only have to bath in condiments if the Bills lost their first playoff game.

Despite his New York ties, Wright was so confident the Bills would lose their first playoff game against the Colts, giggling at the thought of his cohort drizzled in red and yellow like a hot dog.

"I am going to FaceTime you the entirety of the second half of a Bills playoff game when you realize, 'Oh my God. I have trusted Josh Allen for my dignity and reputation,' Wright said. "You're gonna be watching Josh Allen throw behind the back laterals and try to throw left-handed passes and you're gonna say, 'Every decision in my life has led me to this point: Mustard being sprayed in my eyes.'"

Well, two playoff game wins later, look who's the hot dog now.

Wright tweeted a video from the grocery store Sunday morning as he dropped container after container of ketchup and m

ustard into his basket, bracing to get doused in all of the Bills' condiment glory.

The ritual of getting covered in ketchup and mustard comes from die-hard Bills fan known by many as 'Pinto Ron.' In an interview with MEV in 2017, Pinto Ron said it's a tradition that has evolved over 30 years and that he continued not because he loves getting covered in condiments, but because hundreds of tailgaters want to see it week in and week out.

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