The F.X. Matt Brewery in Utica is a huge staple in our community for many reasons. They are host to The Boilermaker after-party, Saranac Thursdays to benefit The United Way, and they make incredible beer! Recently, they were honored for the environmental efforts as well.

Every year in celebration of 'America Recycles Day' the Oneida-Herkimer Solid Waste Authority honors individuals, institutions or industries that have taken the initiative to reduce their solid waste stream through recycling and proper disposal. As you can imagine, the brewery has many things that would have to be recycled or disposed of including bottles and cans. For years, the F.X. Matt Brewery has been a symbol for recycling excellence. According to a release,

FX Matt's Brewing Company sustainable efforts include:
Installation of a state of the art anaerobic digester for treatment of brewery liquid waste which produces

  • 40% of the Brewery's electric demand.
  • Spent hops from the anaerobic digester process are composted at the Authority's Compost facility.
  • Spent grain from the brewing process is used for feed at local dairy farms.
  • Installation of geothermal heat pumps to heat/cool its warehouse.
  • Utilizing hydro-electric and other renewable sources electricity suppliers to operate the brewery.
  • Replacement of high-energy incandescent light bulbs with low-energy fluorescent and LED light bulbs.
  • Installation of motion sensor lighting in many areas of the brewery to save energy.
  • Promotion of responsible and efficient water usage in all areas of production.
  • Utilization of high pressure/low flow hose nozzles for cleaning equipment.Development of a "Green Team" with a Sustainability Supervisor.
  • Use of general recycling bins in new areas of the plant.Installation of Variable Frequency Drive motors to reduce overall electricity use.
  • Elimination of dead stem lines and improvement of insulation of remaining lines.

Congratulations to Saranac for not only continuing to produce amazing products, but for being a great example for recycling excellence in our community.