The alcohol world was taken by storm just a few months ago with the release of a new hard root beer called 'Not Your Grandfather's Root Beer.' Well, Saranac Brewery had a similar idea dating back about 5 years ago and never ran with it. With the success of the other brand, they decided now is the time. Anything one can do they can do better.

Saranac has not only released a hard root beer, but they have also 'spiked' their popular orange creme soda and black cherry soda. The sodas are called "Jed's" and they are no joke when it comes to alcohol content. Each of the sodas are 5.9% alcohol and pack a delicious punch. So not only can you just drink these straight up, you can try some hard soda floats. Ice cream and booze! There is nothing better! These awesome craft sodas are available pretty much everywhere alcohol is sold.

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