Santa surprised a Rome senior with a snow blower, so he'll stop shoveling.

Ernie Morrison is a proud man. The 70-year-old doesn't like to rely on others. He still lives in his own home and shovels his own walkway every winter.

Dom Aldi lives close by and lends a hand whenever he can. "Ernie would give the shirt off his back if someone needed it," said Aldi. "But he's not very good at accepting help. Ernie likes to do everything himself."

That because simple things, like shoveling your own driveway, reminds Ernie he's still capable of doing it. Ernie has health issues and goes to dialysis three times a week. "Shoveling and chores around the house are something Ernie actually looks forward to doing," said Aldi, who started selling his personal items to raise money for a snow blower.

When Josh Martin and Paul Maitland from 2 Nutz in a Garage heard Ernie's story, they stepped in to help, giving Ernie a snow blower for Christmas to help easy the load this winter. The kind gesture from strangers, left Ernie nearly speechless. "Thank you very much," he manager through tears.

It's amazing what happens when good people find good people. Josh and Paul opened 2 Nutz in a Garage (great name by the way), a small engine repair shop on Turnin Road in Lee Center just 2 weeks ago. Rather than focusing on bringing in business, the guys are already giving back to the community.

You can learn more at 2 Nutz in a Garage on Facebook, by calling them at 315-533-7737 or email


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