Hershey has some 'splainin to do after a Rome woman finds maggots in miniature chocolate bars and it looks like she's not the only one.

Rachel Seymour who works as a nurse at The Grand in Rome, New York, was on her candy break; the best time of day. Rachel says she received the bag of miniature chocolate bars for her staff as a gift from a resident. "I instantly went to just open it and shove it in my mouth. For some reason I looked down and saw a maggot crawling on it. I started dry heaving in the bathroom. It was horrible."

The expiration date on the bag says best before September 2018 and Rachel says they checked it before they even opened the bag. "We opened every Mr Goodbar in the bag. Then we checked the other kinds like Crackle and they all had maggots in them. Not in the bag. Not on the wrappers. They were coming out from the inside of the chocolate."

Rachel is 7 months pregnant and says she's so glad she looked before just popping the piece of chocolate in her mouth. "It was literally at my lips. I used mouth wash just in case. Mr Goodbars are my favorite but I don't think I'll be able to eat then ever again."

I'm with you Rachel. I don't think I'll be able to put a Mr. Goodbar in my mouth either, or any other miniature chocolate bar, at least without not looking first. My stomach turned just watching it. Mr Goodbye!

Rachel isn't the only one to find maggots in her Hershey chocolate. Two other people posted video to Hershey's Facebook showing maggots in their chocolate too.

Rachel Explains Finding Maggots:

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