A Rome teen made one boy's day when she surprised him with a prom proposal. 16 year-old Kendra McLeod invited Gage Smith, who is a special needs boy at Rome Free Academy, to the prom and his reaction is priceless.

McLeod had Gage pulled from class to surprise him. He came out to a sign that read,  "Mickey needs Minnie. Tigger Needs Pooh. I was wondering can I go to the prom with you."

Ironically Gage was just talking about the prom the same morning. Needless to say he said 'yes.'

To show his appreciation Smith brought McLeod flowers to say thank you the next day.

Being a teen is tough with most just trying to fit in by doing what's popular. It's nice to see some who just do what is right.

McLeod's aunt Nicole Kantor says the family is proud of the young lady she's grown up to be. "She didn't do this for the attention (like some say) she did it because that is who she is. When I would bring people with special needs home for holiday dinners she would be the first one making sure they had everything they would need. It's not about getting attention, or even doing what's right, it's about allowing those with special needs the chance to have a chance at a normal life. You make this whole family proud Kendra."

Have a great time at the prom you two!

Kendra McLeod
Kendra McLeod

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