Have you ever heard of a "Promposal"? It's how kids ask people to prom nowadays. It's practically like planning an engagement proposal, but taking it down a few notches and using this idea for prom. In Oriskany, one student used his truck to pull this off.

Lindsey shared this photo on social media, and since then it's gathered just under 50 likes. What stands out to us, is the good use of mud to ask a young lady to prom. The best part about that mud, it's very unlike Trey, the young gentleman who asked Lindsey to prom. Lindsey writes to us:

Trey is a man that always has to keep his truck sparkling clean and last night he invited me over to meet his family, normally he would come and pick me up in his truck, but this time he told me "his dad needed to use his truck on the farm". I pulled in the driveway in complete shock and the first thing I said was "you went mudding without me"?

There is a happy ending to this Promposal; Lindsey ended up saying yes! We wish the two a fun, and safe time, at prom.




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