Will you feel safe sending your kids back to school this fall in the middle of a coronavirus pandemic? The Rome City School District wants to know.

The process of providing education to student will be drastically different in September. The Rome City School District is providing students and families the option to continue on-line learning or have kids return to the classroom.

The Governor has set minimum requirements for classroom learning including daily temperature checks, social distancing in the building, masks for students and staff, frequent hand washing, minimal movement throughout the building during the day, adjustments to special area subjects (PE, art, music, library), and meals in the classroom.

On-line learning will also look different than last year. Students will be required to follow a consistent daily schedule with their in-person counterparts.

In order for the Rome City School District to provide a more robust distance learning program, all students will also need to have access to technology and the internet.

All students are asked to submit a form, as soon as possible, so school officials can inform New York State of the required re-opening plan. Students can decided on in person or at home learning, food and transportation requirements as well as access to internet and technology.

Camden City School District is also gathering feedback from parents, guardians and the community on how students prefer to learn this fall.

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