Have you seen it? New York State Police need your help finding this stolen motorcycle.

Unfortunately, vehicles are stolen every single day in New York State. This is even more common with motorcycles and dirt bikes, since they are easier to pick-up without even turning them on.

State Police are now searching for a bike that was taken in Central New York.

Stock Photo courtesy of New York State Police
Stock Photo courtesy of New York State Police

According to the authorities, a gray Kawasaki KLR650 was recently stolen in the City of Rome. It was allegedly taken from a driveway on Skinner Road sometime overnight between September 27th and 28th.

The keys were not with the bike, so officers believe it was pushed away from the house.

If anyone has any information on the stolen motorcycle, including doorbell camera footage, you are asked to contact State Police immediately at (315) 366-6000. Any new information is helpful towards bringing the bike home to its rightful owner.

This isn't the only open case NYSP need your help solving.

Credit - New York State Police
Credit - New York State Police

Suspects in Question

The NYSP Bureau of Criminal Investigation at Ithaca are still actively trying to identify two suspects.

According to officers, these two individuals stole over $104,000 from multiple people last month in Central New York. They took massive withdrawals from Virtual Teller Machines (VTM) in a half dozen locations within Tompkins, Cortland and Onondaga Counties.

Unfortunately, the NYSP hasn't been able to identify either subject since the crimes took place.

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Credit - New York State Police
Credit - New York State Police

Do You Know Them?

If you have any information on either suspect, please let the right people know immediately.

You're asked to contact New York State Police at (607) 561-7400, hopefully helping bring an answer to this unsolved mystery. All information will be kept confidential, but extremely useful for the investigation.

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