It's the simple things in life that matter most. Rome police officer James Richardson took time out of his patrol to play basketball with a few neighborhood kids.

"The children were outside enjoying the beautiful weather on Father's Day when they saw Officer Richardson, who they all know since we live right around the corner from the police station. The officer was happy to stop his bike patrol for a moment and shoot some hoops," says Concetta Combs who caught the happy moment on video.

This isn't anything new for Officer Richardson. "Officer Richardson has been there for the kids in the Rome community for longer then he has been an officer. He truly has a loving heart for children and has been a great role model for so many," writes Lutitia Merlan on Facebook.

"All the Rome police officers are a prime example of great community policing," says Combs. "The entire force is filled with great officers and we are proud to have them serving this community and inspiring our children."


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