It's never too late to share a good deed. Remember the makeover Rome Police gave Bobby? It happened over a year ago but has recently gone viral on social media.

Yahoo shared a video of the Rome Police Department helping out Bobby with a haircut and new clothes. It has over 4 million views in the last week.

The Rome police department has always been more than a station of officers upholding the law. The men and women have been giving back to their community for years.

They answered phones during the St Jude radio-thon and collected donations from the department to present a check to the kids at St Jude Children's Research Hospital.


They play basketball with neighborhood kids.

They stop to give a push when it's needed.

Aaron Page

They become Santa Claus when the Grinch ruins Christmas.

The officers even took part in the 'Hot Cop' trend to help raise money and awareness for hurricane relief and local charities.

Rome Police Department

The viral video is just showing the rest of the country what central New Yorkers have known for years...the Rome Police Department ROCKS!